Tips in tree Pruning

Pruning is the most common procedure caring for most plants and trees. Pruning is made either through man-made or nature’s pruning. Some trees may require pruning such as those landscape trees which require a higher level care of maintenance compared to others. Pruning is usually performed to remove dead branches and to make trees improve their forms. Some reasons involve better air flow and light penetration for trees to grow better. There are tips in tree pruning that you must be well aware of before performing one. Learn the ways to better perform tree pruning through these tips we’re giving you. 


Trim your tree during a dormant season

The Dormant season for trees is known to be at the period when there is a decrease in the amount of daylight and temperature they receive. So, during the winter season, trees are under dormant season and this is the best time to prune them. It is because pruning in their dormant period would lessen the probability for tree diseases to spread.  

Making Proper Pruning cut

Pruning cuts of the branch must be made outside the branch collar. Branch collar contains the parent branch tissue and trunk which should not be removed. Make sure to not cut the collar. But if the trunk collar has a dead limb you wished to remove, make the cut just beyond the collar. Cut outside the branch bark ridge of the tree and angle your cut downwards and away from the stem. If a stem is too long, you can use the three-cut technique. First, make a notch in the side of the stem which faces away from the branch you’re going to retain; secondly, inside the crotch of the branch, make a small cut as well as the above of the branch ridge; lastly, cut inside the stem which is parallel to the branch bark ridge, and slowly remove the stub.  

Pruning Equipment

Before performing a tree pruning, consider first the proper equipment to use. Not all sharp object can be used to prune a tree. There is equipment, especially for pruning.  A goof equipment will help you get the job done properly. Select those tools which have a sharp edge and are easy to hold and sharpen. Some Pruning tools are Pruning Shears and lopping shears. After using one, store the equipment in a dry room to keep it sharp and in good operating condition.  

Practice your Young Trees

Pruning generally is good in promoting good health and long life to your trees and plants. Start training your young trees will help their overall health. The basic recommendation for tree pruning is cutting up to one-third of top growth of your young tree. This method would compensate for the root loss. Be careful of doing an excessive pruning because it would reduce leaf area and would generally decrease the amount of your plant’s energy.  

Tree Pruning is really tricky. If you are no expert on this matter, you can start by hiring an arborist so that he can guide you through the methods. Start from very small trees to larger one until you master the tips. 


How Trees Are Valuable To Everyone’s Lives  

Trees are one of the most beautiful things mother nature has created, its one of the oldest living plants and it has stood against time for millions of years. It is good to know that there are still an abundant amount of trees, but there has been a significant drop in number due to a lot of illegal logging. If you want to do your part in saving the trees and make sure that they stay for another million years, then you can do your part by maintaining their health in your own home. The best way you can do this is by making sure it is treated by requesting for tree services in Tampa.


Why would we want to see our beloved trees be extinct from our planet? There is no way that they do us harm, nor are they a struggle to deal with as they need minimal treatment for them to thrive. Studies show that an average tree can produce enough oxygen for four people to enjoy for one year. So you can just imagine how much clean air they are giving us, but sadly people would rather see malls or big buildings in exchange for trees.

Cities are growing larger and larger, while forests are shrinking at an incredible rate that is kind of scary. If only they could incorporate an urban jungle where there are equal parts trees and tall buildings, this way the global issue of pollution would not be as severe, and workers can enjoy a breath of fresh air each time they step out of their office.  It is never too late to make a change, and mother nature can be easy to deal with as long as there is an effort to help spread more greenery.

Not only are trees saving our species and planet, but having abundant beautiful trees in your back yard can up the market value of your own home. In a house setting, families look forwards to a beautiful view of their garden where they can sit back relax, and have a nice chat. Also depending on the kind of tree, the value will increase the more rare kind of tree you have in your own home. It will be important that you keep your trees healthy by having them groomed monthly, watered daily, and trimmed, so they do not grow out of control.

There are a lot of people whose lives revolve around trees and the products that they can get out of them; some turn the wood into beautiful art they can sell, or even sell it as material for building. The tree is a major factor in the market, a lot of people have studied and have seen the potential of what the material can do for us humans in almost every aspect of life. If there will be a sudden shortage of trees in the world, it will mean that the whole world will be affected because every country has their own need for trees.


Fantastic Reasons on Why you Should Hire a Party Bus

    Some occasion calls for an epic party, and what better way to celebrate than to roll like a Rockstar in the middle of the city? Indulge your guests and give them a party experience they have never experienced before, a party on Wheels! Limousines are good, but a Party Bus is excellent, here’s why.


Party Bus


The first advantage of a Party Bus is its convenience; you can pick up and drop off your guests at their hotels and home. This is a big advantage when you are partying because there is a high chance that your guests might get drunk and won’t have the capacity to drive themselves home. If your guests don’t prefer this, you can also tell the party bus company that the bus would be just waiting at a specific place.

The Party Bus can also take you to destinations that you want during the duration of your trip; you can go club hopping or go to landmark places. Another convenience is that you don’t have to clean up the mess after the party, the party bus company will take care of it.

Party Atmosphere

When you hire a Party Bus, you are guaranteed of an epic Party Atmosphere. Most of the party bus companies have the latest sound systems to pump the party up, coupled up by disco lights if you prefer. LCD TVs are also present so that you can imitate dance moves on the dance floor. It also has wet bars for those who want drinks and the seats are few, and they are side-facing so that no will left behind in the enjoyment.

Size and Space

Limos can accommodate 20 to 25 party goers, but a Party Bus can hold up as much as 40 people! It is not only the capacity of the Bus, but also the space it provides, your guests can actually walk around, and even dance unlike in the Limousines.


When we host parties, one of our major concerns is the safety of our guests. You need not worry when you rent a Party Bus because the drivers are licensed and experienced, and there is a professional chauffeur that will take care and look after your guests. And as mentioned earlier, you need not worry about your guests after the party because you have the option of dropping them directly to their homes.


Deciding to celebrate your event in a Party Bus also saves you a lot of money, instead of paying the rent of a place. When you hire a Party Bus, there is an included package of decorations that coincides with your party theme.


These are the advantages of hosting your party on a Party Bus. Contact the nearest Party Bus company and reserve your event because others might get ahead of you. Party Buses would willingly host any kinds of parties like prom night, wine tasting, brewery tours, club hopping, attending a concert, Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, Wedding Day, and much more.